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Reading, Flood – SVA MA Design Research

Shani Rodan

Reading, Flood


Have you ever thought about your everyday actions? Brushing your teeth, dressing up, eating, sleeping.  Have you ever thought about occurrences that accompany your life constantly? A child riding his bike, a woman crosses the road, an elder sits on a bench.

Have you ever thought about the action of reading? As you wake up in the morning and check your mobile phone while seeking for the coffee description on its package. It is an involuntary action. Since a person learned the skill of reading, it becomes so natural to the eyes.You stare at the subway inner space when you realize that you consumed unwanted information. Signs become letters and the human brain tries to make the connection and find familiar words.


Other than that there is the intentional reading. When you choose to open a certain book you wish that a whole new world is about to be exposed to you.An article that should be read is printed and patiently waiting to be touched.  What motivates you to approach the paper, hold it, and start to dive into its words? You are eager to reveal the perception it probably holds in it. The reading might be difficult at the beginning, but after you get used to each other, you and the text, it is fascinating. You affect each other. It is a long intimate process.  You are exposed to the writer’s experience and connected to his inner world. At that particular time, you become one. So what is the revelation of the reading that we are so excited about?


On his essay “Paris Not Flooded” refer Roland Barthes to a usual performance we frequently see in our everyday life.” After millennia of navigation, The boat still remains a surprising object: it produces desires, passion, dream..”


This is how I feel. As the boat floats in the river, I float in the words towards a safe haven. It is a path full of challenges which in its end, I am satisfied and thrilled to conquer the road and to own new knowledge I will carry with me from now on.

There are various options of communication and ways to share experiences and information, the fruits from the revelation of the reading are the tastiest ones.

As Barth said, it produces desires, passion, dream.


Barth, Roland. “Paris not flooded”, Mythologies. Translated by Annette Lavers. New York, Straus and Giroux.