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A two-semester master's at the frontiers of design.


New Course: Critical Writing on Fashion and Style

Join us for Prose Stylists: Critical Writing on Fashion and Style, an eight-session course exploring ways fashion can be defined, approached, and discussed through writing. Engage with a wide array of genres and embrace the best New York fashion has to offer through field trips to leading institutions and seminars with guests from top publications.

Instructor: Vanessa Rosales

Program Dates: June 20 - 29, 2023

Location: School of Visual Arts in New York City

Tuition: $300

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Making Sense: The 2022 Design Writing & Research Summer Intensive Publication

Featuring student work from our faculty-led workshops including Narrative Strategies for Objects, Engineered Nature, and The Art of the Profile.

Eva Hagberg, "TMI: The Purpose and Pleasure of the Personal"

Watch the rest of her inspirational remarks.
“I want to propose that there is both purpose and pleasure in the personal. The purpose is somewhat easy to define… but what about pleasure?”

Author, educator, and historian Eva Hagberg ponders the power of our own narratives as writers and critics in “TMI: The Purpose and Pleasure of the Personal”. This potent keynote address was presented as part of our inaugural Ralph Caplan Memorial Lecture.