Lingua Franca: The 2014 D-Crit Conference


Lingua Franca: The 2014 D-Crit Conference, presented by SVA MFA in Design Criticism

Friday, May 2
12:30–7:00 p.m.

SVA Theatre
333 W 23rd Street

Here at D-Crit we want to reach as broad an audience as possible for our investigations into design, its contexts, and consequences. A perpetual, and yet engaging, challenge is to find a language and a way of talking about design that makes sense to regular people whose “mother tongue” may not be design-ese; but without flattening out our deep research or rounding the edges of our distinctively accented perspectives. Our ongoing work then, heightened in this period of media upheaval, is to re-imagine evermore effective ways to communicate our findings and arguments to the people that they concern. We find in design criticism the potential for a “lingua franca” that would allow not only the freer trade of ideas and methods between disciplines, but also a means for more thoughtful public debate about design and its repercussions. We invite you to help us and join the conversation!

The fifth annual conference organized by, and starring, graduating students of the SVA MFA in Design Criticism, takes place on Friday, May 2, 2014 at the SVA Theatre in New York City. This year’s conference will be moderated by British architecture critic and curator Justin McGuirk who will be providing simultaneous translation among topics and ideas, between the D-Crit Class of 2014 and a headlining roster of keynote speakers who represent our interests in curation, literature, theory, and design futures.

We are proud to announce a strong line up of guest speakers this year: author and critic Nicholson Baker; curator of Design and Architecture at Hong Kong’s new museum M+ Aric Chen; critic, historian and theorist Sylvia Lavin; and creator of the MIT Press Mediawork project Peter Lunenfeld.

Graduating students will present their research on such topics as: the branding of emergent nation South Sudan; the need for a more locally sensitive approach to design education in the Gulf region; the problematic of the human body as a site for critical design interventions; the rise of micro-living in twenty-first century urban planning; and the ways in which the visual tropes of Californian surfing are being re-mythologized a new east-coast urban context.

Join us for a fast-paced afternoon packed with fresh thinking about design, and help us to celebrate a new generation of design critics, editors, journalists, authors, curators, researchers, and educators.

Thanks to the generous support of our supporting partners, the 2014 D-Crit conference is free and open to the public, but you do need to register to save your seat!




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