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SVA MA Design Research, Writing & Criticism1 is a one-year graduate program2
devoted to the study of design, its contexts & consequences.
Our graduates have gone on to pursue research-related careers in publishing, education, museums, institutes, design practice, entrepreneurship, & more.3

  1. Formerly known as D-Crit
  2. About the program
  3. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. All successful candidates awarded a significant scholarship!
SVA MA Design Research

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Refract, Rephrase, Reframe: The 2018 SVA MA Design Research Thesis Symposium and Party – SVA MA Design Research

Refract, Rephrase, Reframe: The 2018 SVA MA Design Research Thesis Symposium and Party

Join us for an insightful evening of instagram, excrement, wayfinding, coworking, decluttering, grief, and surveillance—topics SVA Design Research students have spent the past academic year reconsidering through the lens of design.

Following brief presentations by our newly minted MAs, we’ll close the program with a keynote remarks by author and educator Jennifer Rittner, who examines design histories through politics and issues of social justice.


6:00 p.m. Doors Open

6:30 p.m. Welcome, program chair Molly Heintz

6:40 p.m. MA Presentations

8:00 p.m. Keynote, author Jennifer Rittner

8:15 p.m. Reception catered by Smorgas Chef!


MA Presentations:

Anja Laubscher:
“The Way Out: Rewriting Wayfinding Design in the Digital Age”

Komal Kehar:
“Potty Training: Rethinking Urban Hygiene Design in the Smart City”

Shani Rodan:
“Networking & Play: Designing Interaction in Coworking Spaces”

Lisa O’Neil
“Declutter or Die: How the Home Organization Industry Designs the Metaconsumer”

Heba Malaeb:
“Exhibiting Absence: Communicating Grief through Dress, Decor, and the Digital”

Cassandra Gerardo:
“Designing the Instapersona: Instagram and the Business of Identity”

Ajay Revels:
“Hyperparasite: You Have More Followers than You Think”